Bronte Beach House

An existing cottage overlooking Bronte beach has been renovated to accommodate a growing family. The brief called for the character of the cottage to be retained, but the size of the building doubled. The outcome is a relaxed beachside dwelling that reinterprets the traditional verandah while retaining elements and details of the original house. Significant site constraints were overcome in the challenging construction, including underpinning the existing cottage, foot only access and a steep site founded on sand. New construction sits on a substantial sandstone base, with carefully detailed timber and steel balustrades and exposed roof structure lightening the construction as it rises. New bedrooms and bathrooms were added above and below the existing cottage, allowing the living areas to all open onto the spacious new verandah. A dramatic glazed stair at the rear of the house draws light down into the living areas. The house is naturally ventilated, uses instantaneous gas water heating and collects and recycles rainwater to internal fittings.